Basic Civil Mediation Training


This 20-hour civil mediation course meets the training requirements of the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution. The course has a solid emphasis on the fundamental foundation of the basic civil mediation process and is heavily oriented toward providing each participant multiple opportunities to develop their own mediation style. Participants will receive immediate and constructive feedback on their performance during simulated mediation exercises. The trainers, Debra B. Leo and Cassandra W. Adams (see bios), bring more than 30-years of actual mediation experience to the training room. Attendees will benefit greatly from their wealth of knowledge.

The course is scheduled at a time to provide work-day flexibility for those wanting to take a basic civil mediation training course, but have faced difficulty working the 20-hours of training into their schedule. The drastically reduced rate for this course comes with a 2-year commitment to serve on the Cumberland Community Mediation Center (CCMC) Volunteer Mediator Roster.* The CCMC provides free and confidential mediation services to the Greater Birmingham community and in some unique situations, requests for CCMC volunteer mediation services have come from various locations around Alabama. Volunteer mediators are trained to mediate issues such as neighbor-to-neighbor disputes, business disputes, family/roommate disputes, employer/employee issues and landlord/tenant disagreements. The CCMC also regularly receives court referrals for mediation.

* Those unable to make the commitment to serve on the roster should wait and enroll in the training course at another time.

The 20.0 hours of CLE credit earned in this course includes 3.0 hours of ethics credit.

Check-in on the day of the program will begin at 4:45 PM. Program will commence at 5:00 PM, and adjourn at 9:00 PM each day.

Online registrations require a credit card payment before your registration will process. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Also, an e-mail address must be provided during registering online in order to receive your payment receipt. Otherwise, your payment will not fully process. Thank you.

No sections of this course are currently being offered.